It is a common practice to keep a spare key at your residence but it can also prove to be a major security threat besides helping you gain access to your home to lose your primary key. Not to mention you can save on expensive calls to the Columbia Heights locksmith.

Keeping secrets is not a good thing if you don’t get it. And placing it in a very clear place – for example, under a factory, fireplace, or artificial stone – is almost like leaving your door unlocked to begin. As a rule, you must ensure that replacement keys are not kept too close to the main access point of residence and in all the usual places where people hide replacement keys.

It only takes a little creativity and time to provide some of the best replacement key hiding places in your home. Below are seven unusual places where you can suggest hiding your backup key.

Fake rock keys can be played, but fake sprinklers aren’t very clear. Bury it in the ground and leave the end free, and that looks like a real offer. But instead of watering your page, it’s just a container where your key is stored. Both are cheaper and inconspicuous … if you really have a sprinkler.

Now it is not difficult to find vinyl wall-coverings for keys. You can attach the Velcro fastener to the button and connect any other part of the lower lip on the location that you might consider, e.g. near a window or air conditioner. Alternatively, you can attach a paper clip or a piece of string to the important and slide it to one of the layers, keeping a small portion of the rope or rope together – enough to be taken, but not enough now to make it too clear.

Throwing a spare key for the tree might sound weird. However, if you live in a tree-lined house, as many people as possible will not consider testing the key. Take a tree some distance from your house and push the nail in from the side facing away from your property and hang the nail lock.

For added security, follow one of the strategies above and write down your security key to your neighbour’s house – if you take it for granted. If you can find the key, you probably wouldn’t think it would go to the next house.

General magnetic lock, which means that it is not the most stable hiding place for security keys. If you are not at home now, that means that your security key is not always one of the two. It is strongly recommended to stabilize the lid with a strap so that your keys do not fly out on the highway.

If you are addicted to losing your keys, you might need to consider upgrading to the back hook with a set of pads or smart keys that you can unlock with your smartphone. This eliminates the need for a security key.

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