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Looking for a car key and lock repair and replacement service that comes with peace of mind? Contact us today and let us make your car keys and lock work like brand new once again. We are Maplewood locksmith. We specialize in handling car keys duplication, replacement and lock cylinder and much more. Our speciality also includes replacing vehicle transponders. Our auto lock technicians are capable of gaining entry into any vehicle if you accidentally lock your key inside. Most of the issues reported to us are about lost or stolen car keys and fortunately, we provide on-site car key replacement service.

For auto transponder key users, we will reset and reprogram your key fobs.  This ensures that someone using the same key type does not have access to your car. Once a new key fob has been programmed with your car, any other key fob will not work with it again. That is why the safety of your car is the paramount reason for fixing your car key and lock. We are the best locksmiths in mn.

Reasons Why You Need a Spare Key from Maplewood Locksmith

When you purchase a new car, you will be given a car key code. And this can be found on a sticker located in the glove compartment alongside the manual for operating the car. If you are aware of this code, it will make a key cutting or duplication a lot easier. So it also means that the new key we cut for you will work just like the original even if you have lost it. Also, you can even get your key over the post. Just send us the code information, alongside your Vehicle details inlcuding Vehicle Identification Number (VIN).

More Reasons

No matter the brand or age of the car you use, you can rest assured of top-quality key and lock service for your needs. It is very risky to have one key for your car when you can have at least 2 in case you lose the original. If your transponder key is faulty, it will not transmit signals to the sensor or receiver on your car. This means you can’t open or operate the car. There are a number of reasons for this. So it is possible for our lock and key technicians to reprogram the manufacturer’s immobilizer system and get you a new key.

Get Cost-effective Key and Lock Replacement Services

It is dangerous to get a new car key fob from the internet or some other sources. So always get these services from a reliable locksmith in mn near you. Also, don’t complicate your key fob system and get authentic locksmith help from certified technicians. We offer a flexible yet straightforward payment plan with no hidden fees and that is why you can trust us for your car key and lock-related services. For more information on getting the most from our services, please check our website or simply give us a call today and we will be right there to help you.

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